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A law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was enacted in 1970, this law requires that all information on our credit reports must be 100% accurate and verifiable information.

You know that we are millions of consumers in all the United States, and there are only 3 national credit companies (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax) as we are so many consumers for only 3 National Credit Agencies they are increasingly exposed to making mistakes When reporting information in our credit history.

That is where we enter Central Credit Group Inc. to help you assert your rights as a consumer, because the law says that we consumers have the right to dispute the information reported in our credit reports as long as it is erroneous, inaccurate , Obsolete or can not be verified and if the credit bureaus do not correct the information or can not verify the information within 30 days, the accounts MUST be deleted from our credit reports.

This is how legally IF you can delete the negative information from our credit reports.


The Central Credit Group inc. process:

1. Admission of your case

Once you acquire our services, we request your 3 credit reports from the national agencies (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax).

These reports will receive you directly to your home within 15 working days.

Once you receive the credit reports, we send them to our office immediately, either by taking them personally, sending them by email, fax or mail.

If you have your reports you can send them to us and in this way we advance the 15 days of waiting.


2. Take action

Our experts will analyze your case and prepare the relevant correspondences to be sent directly to credit bureaus, creditors and collectors for the purpose of lifting the first investigation process in your case for negative accounts to be removed.

Each investigation has a maximum term of 30 working days, which means that within 30 days of the first investigation being sent you will receive the results of the investigation directly to your home and there you will see the accounts that were removed, corrected or those that Remained intact.


3. Send us Correspondence

Since we will be intermediaries between you and the credit agencies, collectors and creditors. You must send us ALL documents you receive from credit bureaus, collectors and creditors as soon as possible because without these documents we do not know what happens to your case and it would take us a long time to lift the second investigation blow.
4. Patience and Consistency

Credit repair is a process of patience on your part and consistency of ours.

Step 2 is repeated again like step 3 and so we will continue month after month until:

A. Reach desired credit score

B. Get the loan you need

C. The term of our services agreement is fulfilled

En Central Credit Group inc. ayudamos a consumidores hispanos a lograr sus sueños y metas financieras.

We work the 3 national credit companies Experian, Trans Union, Equifax

  • Experian
  • Trans Union
  • Equifax

We help you raise your credit score and this way you can obtain financial freedom and give your family the future they deserve.

We are the experts

Your future is in our hands, for that reason we provide 100 percent for your case to have positive results.

With good credit you can get:

  • The house that your family deserves
  • The car of your dreams
  • A better job
  • Credit Cards
  • The loan that you need
  • Financial Freedom

The process of repairing your credit

We make sure that all our staff are aware of the status and disputes of your case.

The most important thing about our company is that it is a family and talking to one is like talking to everyone.

Strategies to raise your score

A strong plan to raise your credit score requires wisdom and experience.

  • Choose a reliable company – Central Credit Group inc.
  • Keep paying your current bills – Pay without delays
  • Lower the balance of your credit cards – Do not use more than 35%
  • Avoid applying for credit – This could affect you

Increase credit score

  • cambios en 8 meses
How we can help you?

Call us: 407-483-9399 or Filling out a contact request online

¡Gracias a Central Credit Group nuestro sueño de comprar una casa se hizo realidad!

José Santiago
Truck Driver, FL

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